La Grange Local Food Intern

La Grange is a modern general store in Oakland with a focus on urban agriculture and local organic food. The business is in the planning phase, with launch targeted for September 2013. The intern is responsible for research, operations and marketing support, and project management.
This is a 3 month position, $15/hour, 16 hours per week.
– Research. Initial projects include customer interviews, research into permits and the regulatory environment for the proposed business, costs, and competitive research. More will arise as the research plan is fully fleshed out.
– Operations and marketing support. Participation in planning and execution of beta projects to test the concept(s), community building through social media, website updates, etc.
– Project management: meeting notes, milestone tracking, decision log, and contact database.
– Additional support for the business planning process, including the creation of exhibits.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
– BA required
– Experience with community building, food systems, and/or social entrepreneurship
– Fantastic communication skills
– Highly organized and able to help others be organized
– Able to solve complex problems
– Analytical
– Tolerant of ambiguities
– Flexible, creative, and fun
I’m looking for an intern to join a team of creative, successful food entrepreneurs to bring a new sustainable ag and food project in Oakland to life. Further information below. If interested, please send your resume to me at


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