Become a Green School Corps member in San Francisco!

In 2011, San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance, in partnership with San Francisco Unified School District, launched Green Schools Corps—the first service corps program in the United States dedicated to building a strong movement of leaders who are working to transform urban public schools into centers of 21st-century experiential learning, environmental sustainability, and innovation. Green Schools Corps is designed to harness the enthusiasm and passion of college graduates. By serving as the point people for all outdoor education and school greening activities at their school sites, Corps members will play a central role in sparking children’s interest in science and math, building an eco- and food-literate student population, increasing the energy efficiency of school sites, raising water awareness, decreasing waste streams, building strong school communities, and advancing outdoor education opportunities.

In addition to improving the experience of urban children in public education and promoting environmental sustainability, Corps members receive year-round training, mentoring, and career development from leading professionals in the growing fields of environmental education, green schoolyard design, energy efficiency and conservation, water resources, and the urban agriculture and local food movements. Armed with these unique insights and experiences, it is our goal for this new generation of leaders to leave the program with a vision for their unique roles within the environmental sustainability, public education, or other related fields.

We are currently hiring for the 2012-2014 school years. To learn more about the program and to access the online application, please click HERE.

All the best,

Joyce Lin-Conrad
Program Coordinator
San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance
135 Van Ness Avenue, Room 408
San Francisco, CA 94102

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