Frost Valley YMCA looking for Farm Camp Counselor/lifeguard, Livestock Educator/counselor, and prep cook position

The Frost Valley Farm Camp focuses on building a strong community through living in a co-ed, mixed age environment, and having the opportunity to care for the animals, tend the garden, and experience resident camp favorites. By milking goats, caring for the sheep, cows, pigs, alpacas, llama, and flock of chickens, campers accept new responsibilities and hone new skills.  The garden teaches campers how to cultivate and harvest fresh vegetables, the benefits of eating fresh local foods picked by hand, and developing a better sense of where their food comes from.  We regularly enjoy the bounty that is raised in the garden or raised in the pastures of which campers are an integral part.  While there is a focus on farming, campers will still have a well rounded camp experience participating in activities like arts and crafts, swimming, boating, playing sports and games, and making lifelong friends.

At Farm Camp, there is an emphasis on Frost Valley’s 8 Core Values and celebrating each others talent and individuality.  The supportive environment of Farm Camp helps to encourage healthy relationships and the development of social skills that benefit campers during camp and beyond. 

Our counselors are chosen for their teaching and counseling abilities, and come from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds.  They are supported by myself and seasonal leadership staff, including full time medical staff.

At the Farm we have 56 campers and of that, we have about 20 male campers that range in age from 8 up to 15 years old.  We make sure that campers are with similar ages and that activities are age appropriate.  Most time is spent out and about mixing it up with the rest of the camp and with more peer aged groups.

Our program is a work in progress.  I am looking for staff passionate about working with children and teaching about food, farming, and creating a healthy environment for children.
Please feel free to call/ email with any questions!

Andy Szymczak

Farm Camp Director
Frost Valley YMCA
2875 Denning Rd.
Claryville, NY12725
[Full disclosure: one of my good friends went to the Frost Valley summer camp for years and LOVED it].

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