Coalition of Immokalee Workers on campus this Friday

On Friday, April 13th representatives from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers will speak with the class, “The Social Forces that Have Shaped America,” to answer questions about current conditions for low-wage immigrant farm workers and their organizing efforts. The class meets from 10:20 – 11:35 in Ward Circle Building, Room 1.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

CIW is a community-based organization that seeks to improve working conditions and pay for Florida’s farmworkers, most of whom are Haitian and Latino immigrants.

Through their Campaign for Fair Food, launched in 2001, CIW extended their efforts onto a national stage, including work in the Northeast. The Campaign pressures large corporate buyers of agricultural produce – Taco Bell, Publix, Wal-Mart – to acknowledge how their buying leverage in pursuit of low prices from suppliers exerts a downward pressure on the wages and working conditions of farm workers. In 2005 Taco Bell signed an agreement with CIW to address sub-standard farm labor wages; McDonald’s followed in 2007; and in February 2012, Trader Joe’s became the 10th corporation, and second supermarket, to sign an agreement with CIW.

For more information visit the CIW Web site at: or the DC Fair Food Web Site at:

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