Justice for Farmworkers – Giant Headquarters, April 17th

Next week, farmworkers from Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) will be in town, organizing for an action happening on Tuesday, April 17th.  On that day, farmworkers and allies will call on Giant Supermarkets to join the groundbreaking Fair Food Program and support dignified working conditions in the fields where its tomatoes are harvested.
From April 2-17, members of the CIW and Student/Farmworker Alliance will be available for presentations and meetings with community groups, student organizations, classes, churches, and individuals.  Our presentations are bilingual (English/Spanish), interactive, farmworker-led, and focused on the connection between farmworkers, consumers and allies.  We end by inviting people to join us in taking action for a more just food system.
To set up a presentation with your group or for more information, please contact Joe:  joe@sfalliance.org, 517.944.2225 (cell).  And please help us spread the word about the action on April 17th!
In Solidarity,
Joe Parker
Student/Farmworker Alliance
Justice for Farmworkers!
Picket, Delegation and Theater at Giant Headquarters
Tuesday, April 17 @ 4 pm
8301 Professional Place, Landover, MD

Join farmworkers and Fair Food allies in calling on Giant to join the Fair Food Program!
For decades, Florida’s farmworkers faced poverty wages and daily violations of their basic rights — including physical abuse, sexual harassment, and in the most extreme cases, modern-day slavery — in order to harvest the food on our plates.
Today, however, a new day is dawning in the fields. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) — an internationally-recognized farmworker organization — has reached groundbreaking agreements with ten of the world’s leading food retailers, including McDonald’s, Subway and Trader Joe’s. Hailed by the New York Times as “possibly the most successful labor action in the US in twenty years,” the Fair Food Program establish a stringent, worker-designed code of conduct in the fields and requires retailers to pay one more penny per pound for the tomatoes they buy to go directly to the workers who picked them.

Royal Ahold USA (Giant’s parent company) has refused to join this partnership, instead continuing to leverage its high-volume purchasing power to demand the ever-lower prices that result in farmworker exploitation. Rather than use this market power to support farmworkers and their families, Ahold’s recalcitrance provides a market for continued abuse.
Join farmworkers and Fair Food advocates in demanding that Ahold recognize uphold human rights and join the Fair Food Program!

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