AU Garden Workday Tomorrow

This Wednesday we will have a workday from 12pm – 2pm.  This weekend we finished putting in the fence posts so our transition to the new garden is almost complete.  This means two things – it is time to start putting plants in the ground and a general garden meeting.  To all people who took seeds home please bring your plants to the workday Wednesday.  If you cannot make the workday you can leave the plants at the garden in the morning, they will be fine for the few hours they are alone. We would also like to have a general garden meeting this Thursday or Friday to discuss the structure of our organization now we will be growing plants.  Here is the link to the doodle quiz please fill it out by 3pm Wednesday.

This week is also Farmworkers Awareness at TDR. On Wednesday they will have a table inside TDR with a Farmworker Awareness Collage. They are inviting students to write a reason they support farmworkers’ rights or what you will do in honor of Farmworker’s Awareness Week.  As gardeners I think it is especially relevant we are conscious of the conditions our fellow farmers face. So as you eat your lunch Wednesday I encourage everyone to take a moment and acknowledge and appreciate the who grew and produced our food and the effort they put in. Also contribute to Bon Appitit’s event. 

Claire Williamson

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