Food & Culture Conference, Johnson & Wales, Denver

The focus of this conference is a moving target.  Food & Culture takes in disciplines ranging from science and the global effects of having a banana in your supermarket all year long to the local foodways of the Appalachian South.  We envision papers that are grounded in science, film studies, sociology, history, literature, economics, religious studies, drama, visual and performing arts, security, popular culture studies, culinary arts, the business of food, urban and community planning, nutrition, political science, and some combination of these and more.  More than an opportunity to present interdisciplinary work, we hope that the conference will foster new work that crosses and expands traditional disciplinary boundaries.  Food, we think, does just that.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
The Representation of Food in the Arts
The Rise of the Food Network
Impact of Agriculture on Ecosystems
Extinction and Exotic food
What we/they eat and why?
The science and ethics of Modified Food
Food as art
Water and the future of food
Globalization and eating habits
Religion and Food
Immigration and food exchange
Culinary Travel
How much and what does cheap food cost?
The collapse of subsistence farming
Local food traditions

Pat Guerra
Johnson & Wales University
7150 Montview Blvd.
Denver CO 80220

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