Columbia Heights Community Marketplace seeks Outreach Specialist

For those of you in the Washington, D.C. area interested in farmers’ markets, community outreach, and federal nutrition benefits, consider this part-time position as an Outreach Specialist with the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace. Application closing date is March 2nd.  For more information about the marketplace and a full job description, visit
Job Title: Outreach Specialist (part-time)
Job Purpose:
The Outreach Specialist promotes the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace’s farmers market to low-income residents in the Columbia Heights neighborhood and across Washington, D.C. The Specialist highlights the Marketplace’s acceptance of all forms of federal nutrition assistance, including WIC and SNAP, and the Festibucks incentive program that stretches the purchasing power of federal benefits.
The Outreach Specialist works with local providers of health and wellness services, schools, DC government agencies, low-income housing providers, local businesses, and a wide variety of community non-profit organizations to reach families, seniors and youth with our message of healthy food and healthy people.

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