From Field to Fork Conference – April 18 @ UMD

From Field to Fork with Tim Galarneau

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

9:00 am – 4:30 pm

The From Field to Fork conference will bring together food service managers, chefs, campus administrators, faculty, researchers, students, farmers, and professionals. We will explore cutting edge procurement, green business practices, and educational models geared toward increasing the sustainability of our campus operations, programs, and food system based learning. In focus sessions and together we will identify barriers and share challenges, establish innovative solutions and best practices, and create a vision of how campus food systems will be transformed over the next ten years. Join us for an incredible post-conference event that will build your skills, expand your network, and bring concrete solutions and best practices to your campus and community.

The workshop will focus on discussions in the following key areas:

  • Sustainable procurement
  • Greening food services
  • Popular education models toward increasing agrifood literacy
  • Innovations in waste reduction and prevention
  • Student engagement and leadership from campus gardens to research and collaboration for operational change
  • Bench marks and metrics for a sustainable food policy & plan

Participants will:

  • Understand new frameworks to improve sustainability performance in campus food services
  • Gain specific skills/knowledge that are essential to fostering a collaborative working and learning environment
  • Hear and share best practices and ideas in a peer-to-peer format and space that allows for open and productive dialogue
  • Improve food systems literacy for the establishment of informed behavioral change programs and activities

From Field to Fork will include peer to peer discussions in dynamic, themed break-out sessions. Galarneau will employ group assessment and evaluation techniques such as opinion line, “sticky dot” feedback, and graphic facilitation. Overall, the workshop is based on participatory learning and will showcase dynamic and proven facilitation techniques. Participants will receive a flash drive with resources and materials to utilize in their respective campus roles.

Participants are encouraged to bring resources and materials to share during lunch as we host an interactive sharing lunch.

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