AU Garden Updates

AU Community Garden Workday
Wednesday, February 22nd, 12-2pm, at the old garden behind Nebraska Hall
We will be moving soil, raised beds, and blueberry bushes. We will also start planning the layout at the new location. Feel free to come for whatever time you are able.

Starting seedlings at the Eco-Sense meeting
Thursday, February 23rd, 8pm-9pm, in MGC 245
We will be planting seeds in yogurt cups and trays to start them before we transplant them into the garden. Bring a yogurt cup or two and plant a tomato plant! Then you can take it back to your apartment/dormroom and put it on the windowsill until we are ready to plant in march. We will also have containers there, so if you don’t have a container don’t worry.

Reclaim, Reimagine, Recycle: Student Recycled Sculpture Competition
AU is in the midst of Recyclemania, a recycling competition against 600 other schools nation-wide. This year’s Recyclemania will feature a recycled sculpture contest hosted by the Office of Sustainability. Contestants’ pieces, made entirely out of recycled materials, will be exhibited and judged on March 7th. Winning pieces will be exhibited locally. Interested students should email before February 29th.

Join AU Community Garden on facebook
Here’s the link to our facebook group:

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